How to make donations to EASST

If you are a sports enthusiast and want to save tax then please make a donation to EASST.

Donations can create savings (with the blessing of the Government and the tax authorities) in:

       income tax

       inheritance tax

For example if you are a basic income tax payer a £100 donation enables EASST to reclaim £25 from the Inland Revenue. In other words your £100 donation is worth £125 to EASST.
If you are a higher rate tax payer a £100 donation is still worth £125 to EASST but you can get a tax deduction to reduce the real cost of your £100 donation to £75 (for a 40% tax payer) or £68.75 (for a 45% tax payer).
You can give stocks and shares to EASST and obtain an income tax deduction equivalent to the market value at the date of the gift.
Anyone who dies with an estate worth over £325,000 may be liable to inheritance tax at 40%. Inheritance tax can be saved by making bequests in your will to EASST please consider doing this.
The simplest way to save some income tax is to make a gift aid donation to EASST. Just write out a cheque payable to EASST and either print out and fill in our gift aid declaration or include the same information in a letter to accompany the cheque.
For further information about donating shares to EASST or making a bequest in your will please contact Peter Butler on 01245 360385.

Further information on issues relating to donations is available on the Internet at .

Gift Aid Declaration form


Restricted Donations in support of the Cricketing Centre of Excellence at Garon Park, Southend

EASST has launched a public appeal to raise funds in support of this Centre of Cricketing Excellence in Southend.  EASST will double every 1 raised from the appeal by transfer from it's general funds.  The total will be held in a Restricted Account out of which grants will be made exclusively in support of the Centre of Excellence.

Individuals are invited to become Garon Park Patrons by donating 25 per month or 300 per annum for 5 years.  Alternatively, individual donations of any amount are welcomed in support of this project under the gift aid scheme.  For further information please contact Joe Sims (Trustee) on 01245 227636 or Peter Butler (Trustee) on 01245 360385.

Go to the Essex & Southend Sports Trust standing order mandate to become a Garon Park Patron.