Members of the Essex Women and Girls teams plus friends and family met at a cold and windy Garon Park Cricket Centre last Saturday 6th April 2013 to give the club house and changing area a spruce up prior to the forth coming season.

Essex Women and Girl's teams play most of their games at Garon Park and have a full diary for this coming season with under 11 girls matches through the age range to the full Essex Women's team playing at the ground.

It was decided some weeks ago that under the Nat West Cricket Force umbrella the 6th April was a good time to give the inside and outside of the pavilion a good clean and a lick of paint.

35 people joined in the session, some provided food and drink during the day, some spent time giving the kitchen area a "deep clean", others concentrated on the inside and outside of the pavilion. Not only did all of the decoration work get completed but also some of the girls commented on what a great "team building" exercise it was.

All that is now left to do is hang some women and girls team photos on the walls which will be done before the first match.

A big thank you to all who helped on the day.